Let’s Clean Up Burgazada

Hello, hello, Tidy Turkers and Internations Changemakers.  

It’s been a while!

For myself, as for countless others, the pandemic had a dramatic influence on my freedom of movement. Whilst visiting friends and family in Australia, borders closed and my return flight to Istanbul no longer existed.

The global shock caused by the pandemic had professionals in science and the media speculating on a universal re think concerning human behavior and all matters “lifestyle”. The  hope was we’d move toward more sustainable solutions for our numerous forms of work and play.  

The pandemic offered the planet the opportunity to take a deep breath of less polluted air as human activity reduced dramatically and our interactions with the natural world were transformed.

Some aspects of these changes such as working remotely are still with us and environmentalists cross their fingers in hope that mankind might finally curb some of its self-destructive behavior. Climate change is certainly making itself felt and policy makers are finally having to take action. However, their actions are often simply green washing and done with little conviction. In Australia, a federal election will be held in May. Much rhetoric has focused on the dire consequences to ourselves and the environment should we fail to act, and with haste. Leaders in this space however seem to be private industry and individuals rather than government. We are all part of this. The outcome,well, only time will tell.  

In the meantime, let’s get together to do our bit to contribute to a less polluted world. Join me and our Tidy Turkey team on 28/5/22 at 11am at the Sehit Hatlari Ferry terminal on Burgazada and let’s CLEAN UP…..

Earth Day 2021

Hi everyone, Earth Day 2021 is this Thursday, the 22nd of May. 

Like many of us, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that the pandemic of the last year has been a massive distraction to the everyday goal of creating and supporting sustainable practices.  

However, I’m back with a vengeance to encourage each member to participate in Earth Day by making a solid commitment to alter some aspect of their individual behaviour to promote and assist movement toward to a more sustainable lifestyle. 



Post a commitment on our Tidy Turkey feed and/or on the dedicated Internation’s Changemaker group event feed, and let everyone know what you plan to do for our beautiful planet, for each other, for your family and friends and for yourself.  

Yesterday, some of you may have participated in the online event hosted by Istanbul &I, Yagangee and Inshirah Collective for Earth Day. Hopefully, the workshop presentations provided many of you with inspiration to help reduce waste in your everyday lives.  

There are so many things that you can do. 

This Earth Day, rather than focusing on aspects of life you can’t control, why not take hold of those you can and help all of us move toward a healthier, more sustainable future.  

And here’s a quick quiz, just for a little fun:) 

World Clean Up Day 2020

A warm hello to all the enthusiastic Tidy Turkers out there.

So many events – Back of Belgrade

It’s been a while.

Celebrating our good work with a meal after our first event ever on World Clean Up Day 2017

It’s been a crazy time for all of us.

Moda Clean Up 2019

The pandemic has altered our lives in many unpredictable ways. If you’d have told me I’d be spending 2020 in Australia , I wouldn’t have believed you.

Three events in different location for World Clean Up Day 2019

Some say many things have changed for the better. Less traffic, less pollution, less stress, time with loved ones. For others the opposite is true.

Belgrade Clean Up 2019

For me, travel internationally is off the cards. I was visiting family in Australia when COVID 19 hit and as we still have an international travel ban in place, I suspect I’ll be here for a while longer.

World Clean Up Day, Balat, 2019

In my absence, Alan Davies has kindly taken up the role of organising events. What a star! The next planned event will take place on beautiful Burgazada on September 26, 2020. Follow the link below to sign up on FB or head to Turkiye’yi Temizle/ Tidy Turkey FB page or Internations Changemaker page.


Also visit the blog below for further information on the day.


Even on holiday on the Mediterranean

Happily, I’ve been able to keep my travelling spirit alive with road trip up the Queensland coast in a campervan. With little COVID 19 to speak of and national parks to camp at all the way, I’ve totally immersed myself in the natural world and made some wonderful new friends along the way.

Our joint event on Kinaliada with the UN Green Team 2018

However, one thing remains constant, trash remains trash and there’s still way too much of it polluting our lands and waterways. COVID 19 has exacerbated the use of single use plastics and disposable items. Masks, take away containers etc. etc.

Cleaning up BUPAWS at Bogazici University

Last weekend, I attended a clean up event organised by the local council here in Cairns, Far North Queensland. There seems to be many groups involved in clean up activities here. This coming weekend, I’ve counted no less than five events I could choose to participate in.

More fun and games at The Princes Islands

So, my message is as always. get out there. Even in these COVID times, you too can make a positive contribution to the health of our natural world. Join the Burgazada event or do a self styled clean up in your area with friends, family or co-workers. Be sure to include the wearing of masks and gloves, use sanitiser and socially distance. Be smart, make a plan and a difference on Clean Up The World Day 2020.

Tidy Turkey T-shirts available. Ask Alan how to get your hands on one!



Welcome, Tidy Turkers, to a new 2020 event and a brand new reality.

I’m still in Australia and the photos in this post come from the pristine Innes National Park on Yorke Peninsula in my home state, South Australia.

Currently, my government has travel restrictions in place that don’t allow me to leave. Soon, I’m hoping, fingers crossed.


As many group members have understandably expressed concern regarding group clean ups, I thought we could begin our post COVID 19 clean up adventures in a way that allows for personal discretion when it comes to our next activity. #CoronaCleanUpTurkey can be done individually, in families or with small groups of friends as desired.


Members need to be mindful of their own health and take practical measures to ensure our activity is done safely. Obviously, consideration should be taken in the use of sturdy gloves, sanitiser and masks.

Some common trash items should also be avoided. Discarded gloves and masks are of course on this list.




Do a clean up in your chosen location once a week.

Take a photograph of yourself with your collection.

Post it on Instagram @tidy_turkey using the hashtag #CoronaCleanUpTurkey (make sure your Instagram account is unlocked.)


Each week for 4 weeks, commencing on World Environment Day 5/6/2020 all posts will go into the running to win a Tidy Turkey T-shirt for the best photograph. Hopefully, there will be other prizes also so make your posts creative and fun.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of this process. Obviously, the more people who participate the more fun the competitive process will be and of course, more garbage will be collected. I do however recognise that health and safety are paramount and everyone must follow their own judgement on this.

COVID 19 has meant we have largely forgotten about various issues whilst distracted and concerned by the virus and it’s ramifications. However, litter and pollution in our natural environments have not just disappeared. It’s time to focus once again and get back out there.



Tidy Turkers 2020’ye ve yepyeni bir gerçeğe hoş geldiniz.
Ben hala Avustralyadayım ve henüz Türkiyeye geri dönemiyorum.
Şu anda, Avustralya hükümeti seyahat kısıtlamalarından dolayı Avustralyadan ayrılmama izin vermiyor. En kısa zamanda Türkiyeye dönmeyi umut ediyorum.


Birçok grup üyesi grup temizliği ile ilgili endişelerini dile getirdiğinden, COVID 19 sonrası temizlik maceralarımıza kişisel ve küçük gurublar formatında devam etmemizin daha uygun olacağına karar verdim. Arzu edenler #CoronaCleanUpTurkey aktivitelerine şahsi olarak veya küçük gruplarla iştirak edebilir.

Üyeler kendi sağlıklarına dikkat etmeli ve faaliyetlerin güvenli bir şekilde yapılmasını sağlamak için pratik önlemler almalıdır. Açıkçası, sağlam eldiven, dezenfektan ve maske kullanımına dikkat edilmelidir. Bazı yaygın çöp öğelerinden de kaçınılmalıdır. Atılan eldivenler ve maskelerde elbette bu listededir.


#CoronaCleanUpTurkey Talimatları
Seçtiğiniz yerde haftada bir kez temizlik yapın.
Topladığınız çöpler ile kendi fotoğrafınızı çekin.
#CoronaCleanUpTurkey hashtagini kullanarak Instagram @tidy_turkey ile yayınlayın (Instagram hesabınızın herkese açık olduğundan emin olun.)
Dünya Çevre Günü olan 5/6/2020 tarihinden itibaren tüm yayınlar içinden en iyi fotoğraf Tidy Turkey Tişörtü kazanacak. Kazananları 4 hafta boyunca her hafta seçeceğiz. Başka ödüllerinde olacağını umut ediyorum, bu yüzden lütfen yazılarınızı yaratıcı ve eğlenceli hale getirin.


Bu sürecin sonuçlarını görmek için sabırsızlanıyorum. Açıkçası, ne kadar çok katılımcı olursa, rekabetin ve bu sürecin o kadar eğlenceli geçeceğine inanıyorum. Elbette sonuç olarak daha fazla çöp toplamış olacağız.
COVID-19 çevre ile çeşitli konuları büyük ölçüde unutmamıza ve dikkatimizin dağılmasına sebep oldu. Fakat doğadaki ve şehirlerimizdeki kirlilik ortadan kalkmadı, yok olmadı. Bir kez daha odaklanıp temizliğe geri dönme zamanı çoktan geldi.


World Environment Day 2020

Hi everyone, greetings from Australia.

Yes, I am still here. Australia currently has a travel ban and therefore I am not at this time able to return to Turkey.

In Istanbul, I know many restrictions have been lifted. Regardless, it is understandable that some Tidy Turkey members are understandably, still uncomfortable attending group activities.

Nonetheless, the time to act on our commitment to create a cleaner planet is NOW.

5 June is World Environment Day

How can we celebrate it?? Here are some ideas.

Host Your Own World Environment Day Event
• Do a clean up in your area and post to Tidy Turkey’s FB page.
• Select a film to highlight eco-issues and host on Zoom. Advertise here and on our FB page.
• Create art or craft that focuses on sustainability and post photos on Tidy Turkey’s FB page..
• Set up a poetry reading or write a short essay to share your opinions on the environment. Post here or on TT FB page.
I will also be posting an activity everyone can be part of in the next couple of days. Please participate. The more group members who become involved the more momentum is created.
Stay safe, everyone and let’s act.


Beautiful Buyukada 2

Greetings, Tidy Turkey troops.
This Saturday, Tidy Turkey holds its first event for 2020.
Beautiful Buyukada 2 kicks off on the 15th of February at 12.30pm. Participants should meet in front of the Sehit Hatlari Ferry Terminal on the island.


20200213_0948107857186813344021577.jpgWild and woolly weather for a swim yesterday. I managed to take a dip between downpours.

Long-time TT member, Alan Davies will be directing the charge, scouring beaches and vegetation, spearing litter wherever it is to be found. Thanks to Alan for leading this event.

20200213_0953227130051108743671231.jpgMin Min contemplates the rain

Meanwhile, I’m in northern New South Wales, staying on a friend’s farm. We are trapped indoors as this part of Australia as fire and smoke is transformed into torrential rain! From fire to flood….

20200213_0952125407244376819542557.jpgLemon Myrtle Tea – – sold as whole leaves, zero waste, packed with calcium, the best natural source of high quality citral oil in the world.

My friend here, Rebecca, is an avid environmentalist. Her business is cultivating and creating products from ‘bush tucker.’
For the uninitiated, bush tucker, speaks of edible plants and animals, native to the Australian landscape. Her business deals specifically with plants and utilizes everything from native fruits, nuts and leaves to create products such as jams, cordials and teas. There has been growing interest in these long overlooked, culinary delights. There are now celebrity chefs and TV cooking shows focusing on this topic. For more on this see links below.

playing with fire

However, the beauty of bush foods is not confined to encouraging cooking creativity.

pink fruitsPink Lilly Pilly, Sweet Grevillea, Finger Limes

Native to Australia, this produce causes no harm to our environment. In contrast, many imported species have transformed the Australian landscape and in many ways made it vulnerable to natural disasters. We need only to look to the recent disastrous Australian bushfires to realise the impacts land clearing for cash crops and native forest logging has caused. Naturally occurring fire can now cause far increased damage to wildlife, property and human life.


And what does all this have to do with TT Clean Ups?

By contributing time, energy and enthusiasm, TT attendees display a deep respect and loving care for mother nature. Indigenous Australians call this ‘Caring for Country’. You, as a TT star, help create and maintain non polluted environments for animal and plant life, which also enables human life to flourish.
So, get out there, folks..

Sign up on our TT Facebook page at

Alternatively, if you are an Internations member go to the Changemaker’s group page and sign on there.

Extra links….


Rebecca’s FB page go to

For more information on bush foods go to ……
For general information take a look at

Fishy Florya, World Clean Up roundup and something YOU can do.

Welcome Tidy Turkers, to another blog post.

Some of the Kinaliada Clean Up team

Guess what??? We’ve just celebrated 2 years of clean up action. Tidy Turkey was born two years ago on International World Clean Up Day and our group has just celebrated this event again, hosting 3 events in different locations around Istanbul.


Congratulations to us all. Take a moment to savor our good deeds and then get back in the saddle as there is no room for complacency.

Thank you Angela and Eylem for arranging the Balat World Clean Up Day event

There is so much going on around issues close to our group concerns that we need each and every one of us to step up and act. TIdy Turkey hopes to give every member a continuing opportunity to help yourselves, your families, friends and communities, to do something positive for ourselves and our planet, in what can seem a sea of negative news. To step away from the apathy. Yes, we are few and the problems are many but there is no denying that if no one does anything, nothing gets done.

Thanks, Sepi for your enthusiasm and arranging the Uskudar event.

In the news globally, conversations and community discussion and action on climate change and global warming are everywhere. Finally.
Unfortunately, in general there is still a lack of action by our community leaders and elected representatives to move towards change.


Happily, many businesses are starting to take the reins and look for sustainable solutions and business practices. They see that not to do so means going the way of the dinosaurs.
Clearly, we need a combination of government, business and community sourcing solutions and changing behaviour if we are to have any chance of maintaining this glorious planet in a state fit for living for our descendants and the myriad of non-human species, which, for so long have been the victims of our often thoughtless, uninformed behaviours.


Currently, there are several ongoing conversations taking place on our Tidy Turkey FB feed on topics such as how to reduce plastic waste, recycling and how to encourage shop owners to enforce the plastic bag charge and so help encourage consumers to bring their own reusable bags.
For Istanbul residents, İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi, has put out a survey aimed at gauging resident concerns for a new 5 year plan. I encourage you to take 5 minutes to fill it in and in no uncertain terms make garbage collection and recycling, enforcing legislated ‘green’ laws such as fines for polluting vulnerable, natural environments and the plastic bag legislation. And why not throw in requests for rubbish bins and water fountains to reduce the use of the dreadful, one use, plastic water bottles.


Our next Clean UP event will take place from 1pm on Sunday, October 20th. For the first time we’ll be working our magic in Florya. Meet up at Aqua Florya Avm, seaside entrance outside Alaçatı Muhallebicisi Restauarant with a sun hat, sunscreen and a healthy optimism.


One of the original attendees of that inaugural event back in September 2017, Firas Fahker Addin, will be hosting this Clean Up, along with Ahmet Murat. Ahmet comes to us from Turkey’s environment group, Turmepa. Tidy Turkey welcomes all such collaborations. Thank you, Ahmet for making this happen.As usual, our wonderful members from Internation’s Changemakers group will also be joining us.

Contact details –

Firas – 90 5350439173

Ahmet – 90 5422162960

Please contact either of these two resourceful guys for further information or simply check the Tidy Turkey event page. If you want a TT T-shirt (50tl) please contct me directly. There should also be some available on the day.


World Clean Up Day 2019



What a difference a couple of years make.
When I started this group in 2017, we were a small group of friends and a few interested Internations members, wanting to initiate some kind of action to promote a positive change to our environment and behaviours surrounding waste.

group 2b

At this time, yes, conversations were happening between people and in the media about pollution, about garbage, about climate change and the environment, but nothing like what seems to be is occurring now.

Moda Sundowner Event August 2019

Maybe I am simply more informed and aware of these debates and discussions due to my involvement with Tidy Turkey, but I don’t think so.

Back of Belgrade 2019

2 years on from our first Clean Up event on Buyukada for World Clean Up Day 2017, we have held many more events and voices from around the world are joining forces to encourage and indeed demand recognition of the climate crisis we are all responsible for.

Belgrade Event March 2019

Tomorrow, 20/9/19, groups of people, from around the world, will strike from their workplaces and educational institutions to demand action from our elected representatives and global institutions. Young and old alike, will participate in this movement, spearheaded in 2018, by a then 15 year old girl from Sweden, Greta Thurberg. I hope that this is indicative of the beginning of a period toward meaningful change – in attitudes, in policy, in awareness.

For more Istanbul event information go to
İstanbul İklim Grevi


Yesterday, I went to the Istanbul Biennale. It was a glorious early spring day, one which easily reminded me on how fortunate I am, indeed we all are, to live on this beautiful planet. And how timely that the Biennale, entitled The 7th Continent, has taken form, with reference to ‘ the huge island of plastic waste floating in the oceans, covering an area five times bigger than the surface of Turkey. Populated by plastic bags and cotton buds, but also fish and other creatures, and is the embodiment of the Anthropocene, a moment when the influence of human activities on the biosphere has become a major ‘geological’ force, wreaking a drastic effect on Earth.’


Tidy Turkey has three events happening this Saturday, on World Clean Up Day 2019. For events in other locations and Let’s Do It Turkey information take a look at the relevant FB pages linked via Tidy Turkey’s FB page.

Please forward your name and whatapp details to the relevant event hosts if you wish to be included in the whatapp group for your chosen event and bring bags, gloves and water, hat and sunscreen.

Location                    Contact person

Kinaliada                  Lucy Tooze                       +90 5319558796

Uskudar                    Sepinood  Nadjian          +90 5059984418

Balat.                         Angela Lane                     +90 5314535545
Read all about them at

T-shirts will be available at each event for 50tl.

You can sign up to any of these events ad learn more about them on the Tidy Turkey Facebook page or just show up to join other like-minded souls in being an active participant in creating positive change for our magnificent home, planet Earth, the only home we have.

Sile Shimmy


Tidy Turkey’s second Sile event will kick off on 28/7/19. That’s Sunday week, folks.


Once again, the event will be held in conjunction with Multitude of Ones founder, Jodie Harburt. Jodie will kindly host us at her home in Sile for A Conscious Living /Zero Waste workshop and a pot luck lunch in her garden. Please be sure to bring something to share and don’t forget to transport your goodies in reusable containers.


Jodie writes,
“I look forward to hosting you here at my Sile home, I’ll provide drinking water and of course tea and coffee and you can have your picnic in the garden with whatever you bring. Please try to be as zero waste as possible and use reusable containers and bags.

There will be no charge for this session where I can demonstrate how I make homemade toothpaste and I will introduce my take of Conscious Living and Zero Waste and we can share our experiences of living sustainably here in Istanbul.”

To learn more about Multitude of Ones check out

Also joining us will be Leyla Temiz, creator of online eco product website The Aware Co. Some eco living products will be available on the day.


The Aware Co. makes available simple, good things for the conscious consumer. It supports local makers who share a passion for sustainable living.
Leyla writes,
“The Aware Co. operates as a social enterprise, seeking to make positive changes in the community by dedicating profits.

For more details go to
Or check out their Facebook pages.


Event timetable and practicalities
9.45 Bus collection at
1.European Side – Conrad Hotel, Besiktas
2.Asian Side – Marmaray Entrance, Uskudar Metro
Please don’t be late as buses need to leave at 10.
45TL per person will be collected on the bus to pay for transportation to Sile and our return to Istanbul and everything in between.
Activity sequence
11.15/30am Jodie’s house – pot luck picnic and discussion/workshop
Approx 2pm – Clean up – buses will transport us to our clean-up site. All bags and gloves will be provided but extra bags and personal gloves are always appreciated.
3.30pm – Beach time
5.30pm – Return to Istanbul

Be sure to bring your beach gear including sunscreen, a hat and water bottle.

To secure your place

1/go to the Tidy Turkey Facebook page. An editable document titles ‘Transport to Sile Shimmy,”s has been placed in the files section.
Please, add your name to the relevant list to secure your place as soon as possible so we have some idea of numbers.

2/ Send to me a personal message with your name, phone number and required pick-up location.

As there is limited capacity on the buses, please cancel your attendance and remove your name from event attendance and the transportation list at least 2 days prior to the event if you can no longer make it.

However, what on earth though could keep you away from the opportunity to meet like-minded friends, help contribute to clearing pollution from our beaches and enjoy a little summer sea frolicking on this fun, Tidy Turkey day out.

Last but not least, we will have new version Tidy Turkey T-shirts available. If you wish to purchase a T-shirt for 40TL each please write T-shirt and size (M, L, XL) next to your name on the transport list or simply send a personal message to me.



Back to Belgrade, Horsing Around and Eco Istanbul’s Eco Waste Workshop

Hi all, lots going on to let you know about.


TT’s new event for May will see us return to Belgrade Forest. Unlike previous visits, we will head to a different section of this stunning park, one much in need of our tender, loving care.


This site is truly filthy. There is litter everywhere. Unfortunately, it is mostly the result of thoughtless picnickers leaving their garbage behind.


I’ll never understand why people go to enjoy a place of natural beauty and then abandon their trash there when they leave. The mind boggles! Yes, I know all the education and cultural arguments postulated on this topic but honestly, I simply don’t get it. It seems so counter intuitive.


Anyway, I’ll move on from my rant of the day.


Back To Belgrade will be the first event where we hope to collect rubbish into categories and start recording the refuse amount and type. When I was in Cape Town, South Africa I attended a clean up where participants were meticulous in doing this with the results  funnelled into academic record keeping and research as well as informing tourism and business. Check out the link below if you’d like to know more.

Meticulous record keeping of trash collected

What We Do


I’m not sure what we’ll use our findings for as yet but keeping a record of our collections seems like a smart move if only for future comparison purposes.


An added bonus to this Clean Up is the chance to hang out with horses. Tidy Turkey has teamed up with a horse ‘farm’ very close to Belgrade where we will have a BBQ on completion of all our hard work. We will be able to pat and feed horses and organise a ride or lessons if that’s something that interests you. If not, as always, a day out of the ‘big smoke’ of Istanbul and breathing in some fresh air is always a good thing.


Check out their FB page at


Please, take a look at our event page for more details and if coming to the event by public transport please arrive at Haciosman metro in good time to get the bus connection to Gumusdere.

Closer to the event date we will be assessing the cars available to transport some members to the site and I will let you know on the event discussion page about private transport possibilities.


A thank you also to everyone who attended our Beautiful Buyukada and Spontaneous Yenikapi Clean Ups during April. Thank you to Aylin for taking initiative and organising the latter event. Great job.



TT is always happy when members involve themselves in a more meaningful way by organising local clean ups in their own areas or more substantial events. If anyone wants to start doing this TT is happy to help in any way.


Besides, spring has sprung. It’s time to get out there, folks.


Finally, I’d also like to mention Eco Istanbul’s Eco Day Trip also posted as event on TT’s FB page. Many TT members know Jodie Harburt and her ceaseless enthusiasm for the creation of a better environment for us all. Please check out the event. If we have sufficient members interested Jodie has offered to organise a mini bus for transportation to Ovacik. Please, feel free to add your name to the event and leave a message stating you are interested in catching a shuttle for Istanbul.

Go to……


Honestly, I could write a book on all the new ‘green’ news circulating. For now, though, I hope to see you for a fun, fulfilling day on the 12th of May.